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Company Profile

With the vision to emerge as a winner in the industry, Suncity Chem & Polymers Pvt. Ltd. (SCPPL) has established as manufacturer, supplier and exporter of guar based products. SCPPL offers wide range of guar products like Guar Churi, Guar Meal Churi, Fast Hydrating Guar Gum, Cationic Guar Gum, Food & Pharma Grade Guar Gum, Industrial Grade Guar Gum. All these grades of guar based products are being used in different applications like hydraulic fracturing, shale gas exploration, cosmetics, shampoos, water treatment, paper manufacturing, bakery, biscuits, ice cream manufacturing, mining etc. Our greatest asses is accomplished & qualified team of experts, who work round the clock to ensure that every requirement of our esteemed clients is catered to the fullest.

Business Type                            Exporter , Supplier, Manufacturer
Export Percentage                    70%

Export Countries                       USA

Primary Competitive Advantages         

  • Wide distribution network
  • Ethical business policies
  • Client centric firm
  • Modern techniques of production

Year of Establishment               2013
OEM Service Provided               No
Production Type                        Automatic       

Product Range

  • Guar Gum Products
    • Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder
    • Food Grade Guar Powder
    • Derivatives Of Guar Gum Powder
    • Cationic Guar Gum Powder
    • Paper Guar Gum Powder
    • Textile Grade Guar Gum Powder
    • Pharma Grade Guar Gum Powder
    • Oil and Gas Drilling Guar Gum Powder
    • Industrial Guar Gum Powder
    • Guar Split
    • Guar Churi
    • Guar Meal Churi
    • Guar Korma
    • Guar Meal

    Application of Guar Gum Powder

Industries Uses Functions
Dressing and Sauces Salad cream, pickles, barbecue relish Cold water dispersible, acid resistant emulsion stabilizer.
Instant Mixes Pudding, sauce, dessert, beverage Fast, cold dispersible thickening and texturing agent.
Canned Foods Pet foods, corned beef, baby foods Reduces splash while filling; viscosity control; prevention of fat migration.
Beverages Cocoa drink, fruit nectar, sugarless beverage Acid resistant thickening and suspending agent
Frozen Foods Ice cream, soft serves, frozen cakes Water retention: ice crystal inhibitor; stabilizer
Bakery Bread, cakes, pastry icing Dough improvement greater moisture retention; prolonged shelf life.
Processed Cheese Cottage cheese, cream cheese Increases the yield of curd solids; improves tenderness.
Dairy Products Yogurts, desserts, mousses Inhibits when separation; keeps texture after sterilization.
Animal Feeding Veterinary preparation, calf milk Suspending agent; granulating agent.

Industries Uses Functions
Pharmaceutical laboratories Laxatives  Bulking agent. 
Tooth paste  Gel / Paste Consistency Uniform 
Gastric hyperacidity Synergistic activity with bismuth salt.
Diabetic treatment  Reduction of urinary glucose loss Generic Levitra
Cholesterol  Reducing aid. 
Vitamin preparation Stable water soluble suspension.
Slimming aids  Bulk forming appetite depressant. 
Sustained release drugs  High resorptivity of drugs. 
Hyperglycemia  Insulin reduction. 

Industries Uses Functions
Cosmetics Ointments  Thickening agent. 
Lotions  Gives unctuousness. 
Tablets  Disintegrating and granulating agent. 
Hair Shampoos  Detergent compatible thickener. 
Hair Conditioner Protective colloid, film forming agent.

Industries Uses Functions
Oil well drilling Drilling fluids hydraulic fracturing Control of : Water loss, viscosity. Suspension turbulence
Fire Fighting Water for fighting fires Friction reducing, dispersion and direction control.
Ceramics Enamels, electro ceramics Fixing, binding, thickening agent
Textile Printing Cotton, rayon, silk, wool sizing. Reduces warp breakage; reduce dusting film forming; thickening for dye.
Paper Wrapping paper, Kraft, photographic paper, filter Replaces hemicelluloses, increases strength, fold pick, pulp hydration retention of fines; decreases porosity.
Photography Emulsions, gelatin solution Gelling, hardening agent.
Synthetic resins Polymerization, suspension, collagen dispersion Thickening, binding agent.
Water treatment Industrial water, drink water Coagulant aid, food approved.
Tobacco Reconstitution of fragmented tobacco Binding agent, strengthening agent.
Coal Mining Coal suspension, shock impregnation Friction reducing, suspending agent.
Mining Concentration of ore filtration Flocculating and settling agent; filter aid.
Explosives Stick explosives, blasting slurries Water proofing; gelling agent.

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